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Dailey goes from bedbound to walking at Life Care Center of Cleveland

Left to right: Shelbie Gerard, physical therapist assistant; Sandra Dailey; and Lisa Palen, occupational therapist assistant

A bad fall caused by bursitis left Sandra Dailey, former owner of a beauty salon in Cleveland, Tennessee, unable to get out of bed.

Dailey came to Life Care Center of Cleveland on Oct. 11, 2019, for help in getting back on her feet. ...

Mr. and Ms. Life Care crowned at Life Care Center of Cleveland

Mr. and Ms. Life Care 2019, Michael McCleary and Sue Beam

On Sept. 6, 2019, Life Care Center of Cleveland, Tennessee, continued its longstanding tradition of crowning a Mr. and Ms. Life Care.

Several residents participated in the pageant this year, which involved a brief introduction of each contestant and answering of several questions. This year’s winners were Michael McCleary and Sue Beam. ...

Life Care Center of Cleveland helps Mullins recover from stroke

Darlene Mullins

Darlene Mullins had only recently moved to Cleveland from Texas to be part of the ministry at Omega Center International, when she suffered a stroke after having open-heart surgery.

The stroke left her mostly paralyzed on her left side, which left her unable to get around or take care of herself....

Life Care Center of Cleveland resident goes from hospice to home

Left to right: Kelly Newbould, physical therapist assistant; Ve and Jim Finley; and Tess Barnfield, occupational therapist

“You’ll never go home.”

That was what hospice staff told Ve Finley after aspiration pneumonia sent her suddenly to the hospital. She even stopped breathing, and medical workers couldn’t find a pulse. Her son and husband thought she was dead...

Life Care Center of Cleveland helps Wooley recover from stroke

Left to right: Ariel McFadden, occupational therapist assistant; Amanda Gosnell, speech therapist; Lorraine Wooley; and Anna White, and Jayne Zampa, physical therapist assistants

Lorraine Wooley was touring Germany on a river cruise when her European vacation took an unexpected turn.

Wooley had a stroke and spent three days in a German hospital before flying home. She seemed to be doing OK until her body responded to a very high guitar note at church. She left the church weak and soon had almost no use of her left side...

Payne back home thanks to care at Life Care Center of Cleveland

Betty Payne with Brian Fletcher, occupational therapist assistant, and Claudia Castano, physical therapist assistant

Betty Payne considers herself a living miracle.

“They told me three different times that I was dying,” Payne said. “And I’ve had to learn to walk now four different times.”

This past time, Payne developed cellulitis in her legs, an infection of the deep tissues of the skin...

Life Care Center of Cleveland gets Lawson back on her feet

Left to right: Claudia Castano, physical therapist assistant; Aubrey Taylor, wound care nurse; Krista Lawson; Amanda Brenizer, unit manager; Eileen Nudd, occupational therapist assistant; and Lydia Sandberg, social services director

Krista Lawson is finally walking again after several months of health issues that kept her off her feet.

It all started in August 2018 when a surgery went wrong, leaving Lawson with an incision all the way across her belly that became infected at both ends. She developed MRSA and two other types of infection, and at one point even had pneumonia...

Life Care Center of Cleveland helps Hester regain independence

Phyllis Hester with Ariel McFadden, occupational therapist assistant (left) and Claudia Castano, physical therapist assistant

As a retired daycare worker, Phyllis Hester used to watch babies as they learned to walk. She never expected to have to learn to walk again herself.

However, after a surgery went bad and left Hester with an accidental puncture in her lung, she found herself on life support and then in the intensive care unit...

Life Care Center of Cleveland helps McClellan recover after stroke

From left to right: Eileen Nudd, occupational therapist; Margret McClellan; and Anya White, physical therapist

In October 2018, Margret McClellan came to Life Care Center of Cleveland, Tennessee, in need of rehabilitation after suffering from a severe stroke that numbed the left side of her body.

“I had just come home from work when I had the stroke,” said McClellan. “I hadn’t felt good all day, but I went to work anyway. That night, I fell out of bed when I had the stroke....”

Moreland goes from bedbound to walking at Life Care of Cleveland

Left to right: Rebecca Otis, physical therapist assistant; Gary Moreland; and Aundrea Davis, occupational therapist assistant

Gary Moreland has gone from bedbound and thin as a rail to walking and managing stairs. Rehabilitation made the difference.

Moreland’s health started deteriorating rapidly in September 2018...