Left to right: Rebecca Otis, physical therapist assistant; Gary Moreland; and Aundrea Davis, occupational therapist assistant

Gary Moreland has gone from bedbound and thin as a rail to walking and managing stairs.


Rehabilitation made the difference.


Moreland’s health started deteriorating rapidly in September. Although he had always had a healthy appetite, he found himself having trouble swallowing and didn’t really want to eat. He lost weight. He also became weak. He had some symptoms that indicated arthritis, but treatment for arthritis didn’t resolve his issues. Instead, he got worse.


After three trips to a Chattanooga hospital, Moreland was still mystified about what was causing his weakness. Doctors referred him to nursing and rehabilitation services, and Moreland’s family chose Life Care Center of Cleveland.


When Moreland arrived at the facility, he was in bad shape.


“I was unable to eat, unable to walk,” Moreland remembered. “I’ve been through hell.”


Physical, occupational and speech therapists started working with Moreland to increase his strength and independence, and after he had a feeding tube put in, he began to really make improvements.


“He’s a miracle,” said Rebecca Otis, physical therapist assistant.


Otis and Aundrea Davis, occupational therapist assistant, used all manner of exercises and strengthening equipment to help Moreland regain independence – from stretchy bands to ankle weights to stair training. Now, instead of being stuck in bed, he can shower on his own, walk down the hall with a rolling walker and manage stairs.      


“I couldn’t have had two better therapists,” Moreland said.


On Jan. 25, Moreland returned home.