Left to right: Kelly Newbould, physical therapist assistant; Ve and Jim Finley; and Tess Barnfield, occupational therapist

“You’ll never go home.”


That was what hospice staff told Ve Finley after aspiration pneumonia sent her suddenly to the hospital.


Finley even stopped breathing, and medical workers couldn’t find a pulse. Her son and husband thought she was dead.


“They brought me to the hospital, and they thought I was gone,” Finley remembered. “I felt so happy because all I had to do was step out of that room into the next room and take Jesus by the hand, and I just felt great! I didn’t feel sick. I didn’t feel that anything was wrong. But they revived me, and they said ‘you’re going to be fine.’ Then again, I felt as happy as I could be because Jesus wanted me to live and I thought, ‘I’ll do whatever you want.” He left me here for some reason, and I’m glad to fulfill that purpose. I thank God for it! And everybody can have this peace. All you have to do is repent and tell God to come into your heart.”


On June 11, after two and a half weeks in the hospital, Finley came to Life Care Center of Cleveland for skilled nursing services.


After about a month in bed, with the encouragement of her son, Finley became a candidate for physical therapy and started basic rehab sessions.


Finley surprised everyone with her rapid progress. She started out only able to walk 12 feet with a rolling walker and some assistance. Now, she is able to walk more than 200 feet at a time with a walker, and sometimes she just uses a quad cane. Soon after starting PT, she was able to start occupational therapy, which helped her take care of daily routines like getting dressed, bathing and grooming.


“She did well right away,” said Tess Barnfield, occupational therapist. “She’s able to be self-sufficient now.”


“I’ve broken records every day,” Finley said. “I look forward to the challenges because God has let me live.”


“She is a miracle, and it’s a testimony to God,” said Kelly Newbould, physical therapist assistant. “And it’s a testament to how much family support means.”


Finley’s husband of 65 years, Jim, faithfully visited her every day, usually 12 hours a day, and other family would come every weekend to spend time with them.


“They’ve been really good to us,” Finley said. “Everything the therapists did made me stronger.”


Finley was able to return home on Aug. 6. She plans to continue gaining strength and be able to attend church again.

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