Left to right: Rebecca Otis, physical therapist assistant, and Keisha Rowland

When Keisha Rowland was referred to Life Care Center of Cleveland, Tennessee, on Dec. 7, 2018, she was severely swollen with an edema that caused fluid buildup throughout her entire body.


The edema caused Rowland’s mobility to decrease, and she required nearly complete assistance upon her arrival to Life Care Center of Cleveland.


With the help of physical and occupational therapists, Rowland was able to get on her feet almost immediately to help her body naturally shed the fluid. Physical therapists used weights, Theraband, stairs, parallel bars and a bike to help Rowland regain her mobility. Occupational therapists assisted by re-training Rowland to perform everyday tasks, such as cooking, cleaning and doing laundry.


“She’s very motivated,” said Rebecca Otis, physical therapist assistant. “Even when she didn’t feel like working, she would say, ‘I’ll give it a try!’”


After only two weeks of therapy, nearly all of Rowland’s swelling had gone down.


“I just know that because of my therapists getting me up and moving, I lost nearly all of my fluid and finally got better,” said Rowland. “I was in and out of the hospital for three months. I got better after just two weeks at Life Care.”


Rowland was discharged and went home just in time to be with her family on Christmas Eve. She is scheduled to return to Life Care Center of Cleveland for outpatient therapy.