Left to right: Cami Hilton, physical therapy assistant; Shirley McPhetridge; Aundrea Davis, certified occupational therapy assistant.

After an accident that left her right leg broken with a tibia fibula fracture, Shirley McPhetridge began her journey of rehabilitation in need of almost total assistance.


McPhetridge came to Life Care Center of Cleveland, Tennessee, in the beginning of September.


At first, McPhetridge needed extensive assistance with bed mobility and independently performing daily tasks. But now, she only needs contact-guard assistance and mild supervision.


“When Shirley first came to us, she had what’s called an external fixator, which was a metal rod with screws that kept her bones in place until the swelling went down and she could have surgery,” said Cami Hilton, physical therapy assistant. “Eventually we got her into a wheelchair, and then to using a walker. She’s just been a really hard worker.”


Physical and occupational therapists worked with McPhetridge to help her heal. Physical therapists did leg and core strengthening exercises with her by using equipment such as reachers, Core Stix, various weights and a walker to help improve her standing balance. Occupational therapists retrained her to do daily self-care tasks such as doing laundry or cooking a meal.


“I wouldn’t be where I am right now without their help – that’s for sure,” said McPhetridge.


McPhetridge returned home on Dec. 4.