Beth Crooms with Camila Hilton, physical therapist assistant

Beth Crooms, a part-time nurse at Lee University’s Health Clinic in Cleveland, Tennessee, didn’t expect to be on the receiving end of care this summer, but after a fall broke her left hip, she went through her own recovery experience.


After hip surgery, Crooms came to Life Care Center of Cleveland for two weeks of inpatient rehabilitation. She couldn’t put her full weight on her hip at first, which limited her mobility.


“I could hardly get out of bed,” Crooms remembered. “The pain was very bad.”


Physical and occupational therapists got to work in helping her regain strength and stamina, and soon she was progressing. The first week, they had her doing exercises in bed, and then she started doing exercises in a wheelchair, on an exercise bicycle and on a mat.


“I got stronger and got to where I could do more on my own,” Crooms said.


Crooms’ long-term goal was to regain full independence, and because her home has a few steps, which would take a while to manage, her short-term goal was to return home once her husband, Larry, had built a ramp to get her in and out of the house.


After two weeks, the ramp was built, Crooms no longer needed occupational therapy and on June 1, she transitioned home with Larry.


Crooms continued her physical therapy as an outpatient so she could reach her long-term goal as well. Between the therapy sessions and her home exercises and stretches she does, she has improved even more.


“I’m walking in my home without using a cane now,” said Crooms. “The pain is mostly gone, and I can do some cooking and all my self-care. I can go out and just started driving again.”


Crooms shared that she didn’t get better without help. Her family and friends were very supportive through her experience, as well as her caregivers.


“I didn’t want to go to a rehab center, but I’m very thankful that I did it,” said Crooms. “The therapists motivate you and show you how to do things. It’s a real care ministry that they’re in.”


Crooms plans to be back at the health clinic when the fall semester begins.