Left to right: Jessica Cook, occupational therapist; Cami Hilton, physical therapist assistant; Elizabeth Duncan and Eileen Nudd, occupational therapist assistant.

After a fall that fractured her left femur and a vertebrae of her spine, Elizabeth Duncan needed rehabilitation to recover before she would be able to return home.


Duncan came to Life Care Center of Cleveland during the last week of July 2018.


“When I came here, I was pretty much wheelchair bound,” said Duncan. “I had to learn how to walk all over again, and regain the ability to put weight back onto my legs.”


At first, Duncan needed extensive assistance with standing balance and re-learning to walk. She also needed moderate assistance with bed mobility and independently performing daily tasks.


Physical and occupational therapists worked with Duncan to help her heal. Physical therapists did leg and core strengthening exercises with her by using equipment such as core sticks and even playing a game of Uno to practice her reach and standing balance. Occupational therapists re-trained her to do daily self-care tasks such as blow-drying and styling her hair or cooking a meal.


“I didn’t know if I would ever walk again because of my spine injury,” said Duncan. “But the therapists said, ‘No, you’ve got a brace, so you’re going to walk.’ And together, we did it! I never gave up hope because they didn’t allow me to.”


Duncan returned home on Oct. 31.