Left to right: Shelbie Gerard, physical therapist assistant; Sandra Dailey; and Lisa Palen, occupational therapist assistant

A bad fall caused by bursitis left Sandra Dailey, former owner of a beauty salon in Cleveland, Tennessee, unable to get out of bed.


Dailey came to Life Care Center of Cleveland on Oct. 11, 2019, for help in getting back on her feet.


“I couldn’t walk at all when I got here,” said Dailey.


Dailey started doing physical and occupational therapy sessions, and therapists worked around her pain management schedule to make sure they were doing exercises when she was most comfortable so she could make the biggest gains in her recovery.


“We focused a lot on walking,” said Shelbie Gerard, physical therapist assistant. “And we did leg and arm strengthening.”


Therapists also adapted her equipment to her needs, including using a platform walker so she can walk and stand and still easily rest if she needs to.


“The therapists worked really well with me and pushed me,” Dailey added.


Dailey was able to reach her goal of returning home to her husband, Ed, and her dog before Thanksgiving. She went home Nov. 20, walking again.